Make with the Sauce!

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glass_orthodoxy wrote in saucydwellings

My refuge during the summer months. The perfect place to delve into writing and artwork.
Now that it's getting cold I'm going to invest in a cozy heater so i can continue to hibernate here and see the snow.
Hot Chocolate, candles, and enough windows to keep me happy and productive during the chilly months. :]


So beautiful.......I love how you've put in some modern elements and pieces into the overall antique look.


i'm a writer. I WANT THIS ROOM!!!!!

I love it, what a soothing, restful space. Your photos are great too.

Is it really so green in there, or were the photos retouched?

I wondered this too ...

very cozy.
Is that a sunroom? And what kind of table is underneath the cloth? The edging looks neat.

this is wonderful! I love it.

What a beautiful room....this is exactly my style, and it looks like a room I could have put together! The photography is wonderful, too. This one goes into memories :D

I absolutely love it.

This is gorgeous! I love the mix of old and new, and the little pops of color.


I love the green tinge to your photographs. I know that in theory, all the posts should have their white-balance corrected, but I think the green creates an awesome sense of nostalgia.


I wish this was MY porch!

Yay! I'm so glad you posted! I painted my sun room white, but it's like 1/10th the size of yours so I could never do anything real grand with it.

I think this is the most jealous I've ever been of a room posted here!

I've seen these pictures before somewhere! I remember them cos the room is so beautiful! It still makes me jealous! :D

Beautiful! I never thought I could like a room that had a doily in it, but you've changed my mind.

I love the photo styles - it really brings out the saucy by giving it a deep mood.

now that's a lovely place to sit down and write one's memoires :) thnx for sharing.

this is so beautiful, my god.

Absolutely divine! You have PERFECT taste. =)

very nice,looks so snuggly in the winter months.I'm big on scented candles too and can just imagine reading the hours away in that corner:)

Absolutely LOVE your style. This is the way I want my back porch redone. I'm going to turn it into an enclosed space that I can furbish with a writer's desk and shelves. (I must battle with the black widows first, we are plagued with them) Your brand of 'shabby chic' is outstanding. BRAVO!!!!


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