Make with the Sauce!

this is amazing, and so inspiring! thank you for this, i am dying to try it at some point in my life :)

Thanks! It's a lot of fun.


Totally amazing, what a great idea!

Can you give me some hints on how you did the foliage/lights on your website?



I didn't do the foliage/lights, I hired corey@mythicwebdesign.com who did my web design and coding. He's great!

I'm sitting right beside it now and I can't find any. I have two cats and it's never gotten hairy.

super creative! how did you get the idea for this?

My husband actually thought of it. When he was a little kid he always thought it would be cool to do but he couldn't ever get it right because he's not very good at drawing trees. When we redid our living room he told me about his idea and I built it the very next day. : )

very cool! thanks for sharing your design and string tree tutorial. :)

Glad to share, I hope some other people try it.

love this! definitely gonna try it out.

It's way easy, you should.

Get on it! It's pretty easy to do.

This is absolutely beautiful!

Holy cow this is awesome. It would be perfect for the odd wallon the side of my stairs!

Give it a shot! Supplies are only like $5. : )

Fantastic! I'm also really digging the other art at your site.

Thanks very much. I work on it pretty constantly. : )

This might be a "dur" question, but what kind of string do you use? Also do the pushpins show up in the finished art? I can't see them in the pictures but I'm looking at this on a little device. :)

Thanks for posting this!

I just use yarn. I've had the one in my living room for three years and it's holding up beautifully. You can see the pins if you get up close, but I always use clear ones so they're very minimally visible.

Glad to share!

HOLY CRAP!!!! I am in LOVE with this! SO COOL!!!!

Now that I've regained my composure... how long do these generally take? I'm so inspired.

I just have to say, your string trees are SUPER DOPE! The acacias are especially lovely. Now my brain is just pinging around, thinking up all the different ways a creative person could tweak this concept and do different stuff. I can envision a really cool fern frond would be fairly easy to do.

Thank you!

I have a friend who had the idea of drawing a big anatomically correct heart and then doing all the veins and arteries branching off in blue and red string. I'm very tempted to do this and make my guest room super creepy.

Hey this is great! I've always wanted to do a mural of a tree in my home and always too scared to commit. I never thought of this! Thanks!

It's kind of a commitment because of all the holes, but it's much less permanent. : )

That is so friggin' cool.

What an amazing idea! Thanks for the tutorial, oh wise one. ;)

You're welcome, and thanks!

this is awesome.. saving this for a later date, but i can't wait to do it.

You should, it's super fun.

Now I know what to do with that weird wall space between the fish tank and the TV stand! <3 thankee! This is so friggin' cool. <3

I would be tempted to do big undersea plants, like seaweed up from the floor near a fish tank. But either could be really awesome.

I love the string tree! Looks like it might get dusty but it would be a good use for my yarn stash.

I've had it up for three years and I have two cats. I have never noticed any dustiness at all, and double checked last night. It seems to stay pretty clean.

2 of my favorite things: trees and birds. Everything looks great!

Thank you! I agree about trees and birds, they're both so pleasant.

this is beautiful ♥


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