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my son's room re-do
gypsymarie wrote in saucydwellings
when i was looking at my son's room on the new poll i realized how different it was now. so i thought i'd update:

this is the view as you walk in...

i got the chair from a junky church thrift store for $3, the bookcase is from walmart and the rug was my mom's

in my last post he had a different bed. he slept in it for over a year and on his 4 year old checkup it was discovered that he had HIGH levels of lead. the bed was the cause. we were devastated, but luckily getting rid of it and filling him with lot's of healthy food took his levels from 8 to zero! please check your vintage items! he was 2 points away from lead poisoning which causes irreversible brain damage!)

old pillow of my grandmom's. i think i stole it from our lakehouse ;)

my son, Brewer, and his daddy LOVE anything "space". they used the light as their sun and hung the planets accordingly...don't worry we didn't forget pluto...

i don't sew and i'z po' so i clipped 1.5 yards of fabric to a curtain rod. i love it!

his favorite place to play...his rug. i believe my mom got this at marshalls for about $12. the vintage desk cost me $30

the artwork is his, from his art pre-school, the abacus was a gift from my grandmom. i woldn't fork out the $40 for it  so she surprised me ;)

the dresser you see is the love of my life. i met him on craigslist a couple weeks back for $50. the lamp was $3 at goodwill. the wpa kid's art class reproduction posters and frames ended up costing me over $50, but it was worth it to me!

i'm backtracking now...this is the entrance to his little cubby room

painted the wall with chalkboard paint and my dad build me a frame. the cubbies and bins came from walmart. closetmaid and we added the wheels. $100 project in the end. ugh! again, the artwork is my kid's. the little stacked school chairs were $2 each. i hope to find a table for them.

my craigslist lover came with a mirror. it made the dresser look a tad too grownup so i thought it would make a GREAT floor mirror just his size. its one of my favorite parts of the room. his closet is without doors so i made due with a metal rack. it's a neat look i think...

some more of his artwork framed to fancy up the opened closet.

i will leave you with a few close-ups...

my sharks teeth collection. its addicting searching for those things!

the shelf by his bed with his firetruck flashlight, some vintage trucks and cars you cant see, and my old curious george. Bb for Brewer. craft store.

if anyone is interested i made a silly little blog post about the dresser over at my blog ragamuffindesign!

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I love the old look of the bed! I would love to find one like that for myself. The brown dresser is indeed amazing!

And how frightening about the prior bed! Glad he is doing better now.

I love the bed too, but I'm itching for a spindle bed. Haha!

Yeah, we found a desk he used quite a bit too with lead. Very scary and an awful feeling to think you've "ruined" your kid. We were lucky!

How do you test for the lead?

for the furniture and items they have little sticks at lowes/homedepot. about $6 for 2. they are hard to find, but usually around paint stuff.

a person gets tested by blood. it was a random test and i'm glad they asked to do it!!

Your son is lucky... wonderful!

Edited at 2010-03-22 11:25 pm (UTC)

Thanks! (And I just realized I forgot tags. I will add in a bit!)

thnx :) i was still working and wanted to do it later...

hey! I just recently posted your icon on a friends facebook for their birthday, haha. Well technically it wasn't your icon.. it was a random picture I found through google and it said HAPPY BIRTHDAY on top.

believe it or not it's a page from a German children's book about childbirth. You can see the whole book here... it's really, really funny :



and thank you for not forgetting pluto

Aw, babyfeets! Just right for nibbling on. *g*

haha, i refuse to let it go!

haha, i awww'd out loud at the pluto picture :D

that's a wonderful room! haha, I think I own that exact bed (and i LOVE it!!) ^^ i hope your son enjoys it, it seems very relaxed but fun.

its comfy. i actually slept there last night..haha!

SO much personality. What a fantastic room to grow up in!

his personality matches, for sure!

i don't think i've ever liked anything in here enough to post a comment, but this room is absolutely perfect! i'm so jealous!

omg, what a great compliment. thank you so much!

(Deleted comment)
yeah, i wish lead was talked about more. its awful! he started to stutter REALLY bad and when we found out about what lead does to the brain we started to FREAK out. sent him straight to therapy and within 3 weeks of therapy and not having that bed his stutter was almost gone. might be a coincidence, but either way SCARY!

my mom was on a vintage switchplate mission(obsession) a few years back and i benefitted greatly. no ugly plastic ones here...

I have a four year old and I am trying to find inspiration for his new room in a month when we move. Thank you, this room is lovely! And glad you're little dude is doing better, that's freakin' scary.

freakin' scary indeed. glad you like the room...post yours when you're done! :)

I'm an adult and I'd love to live in that room. Kudos on having a kid room with awesome style! It doesn't feel like a cotton candy kind of room. It's fun AND sophisticated!

i know, right? i'm in there more than he is! thanks!

I love all those red Bs on the wall.

Also, I'm glad your son's doing better now. That's pretty damn freaky how close a call that was.

thank you, i kinda like 'em too ;)

Is it possible to have your flickr url? I wanna add these to my favorites :)

sure thing! http://www.flickr.com/photos/42595725@N02/

i'm not familiar with flickr yet, so i hope that's the right link!

All the little details that make it perfect...That dresser is beautiful! I love the way you hung his art (little Picasso!) and I seriously want to take the piggy and keep it for my son. I only wish my sons room looked that good.

I always get excited when I pick him up and he has another piece of art. I used to call it free art, but then remembered his tuition. Eek!

Love so many things about this room: the dresser, the mirror, the planets. Just wonderful. And scary about the lead; glad you caught that on time.

Pluto being stuck all the way in the corner made me giggle for a good 5 minutes. Your son's room is absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the dresser, the bedspread and the way you displayed his art.

I'm glad you caught the lead levels in time! I was found to have lead poisoning a few years ago (my levels were something horribly above the safe amount) and they still don't know what caused it.

Hmm, were you taking any vitamins? I've heard lots of them made in asian countries contain lead...

Nope. The closest thing they came up with was that because I used to be competitive in athletics, including shotput, holding the shot to my neck all the time somehow did it. But even the doctor didn't really think that was possible. Unsolved mystery!

That is weeeird! It just made me remember that when they re-tested him they asked us to dry his hands with tissue before they pricked his finger cause they somehow correlated between some kids who were getting false positives and their brown paper towels. lead is a creepy, creepy thing!

Love this room. Loved the last way too, but I love the changes you made. That's so scary about the bed. I'm glad you were able to bring his levels down and he's okay now. :)

btw, where did you find the B's on his wall? Love those! :)

Oh and those stacked chairs are wonderful! :)

Aww, thanks. The b's just came from michael's craft store. I bought every style and size they had and painted 'em red!

Oh cool. I'll try that then. It would make a cute decoration for my girls room. :)

I love it more each time I come back to this post :)

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