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couch cushion architecture
silly_narziss wrote in saucydwellings
Before we were influenced by Mies van der Rohe or Frank Lloyd Wright, before we had seen the visual delights of Ronchamp, Pompidou Center and the Bauhaus school in Weimar, we were driven by a greater force of design inspiration. More primal and immediate than any of the previously mentioned examples, it was couch cushion architecture that established the basic building blocks of our design logic. Unrepresented and ignored for too long in the architectural industry, today’s post pays respect to the wonders of couch cushion architecture...

[ couch cushion designs... ]

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i love this way more than i should!

I look forward to my son being old enough to make forts with our couch! (Not long; he's 2.5 now!)

Oh, the fun of being small!

i remember sitting for hours under my grandmother's table, having my own house too :)

This is great! I am going to have to remember the broom the next time my son and I build a fort. :)

Couch cushion forts FTW! I loved the article, and yes, when you have kids, considering the fort-building potential (especially if you prefer a lack thereof) of your furniture is critical. Thanks for sharing.

Most of mine as a child were like the last picture. Instead of making them with cushions, we used the backs of chairs, sheets for 'tent' tops and the cushions themselves inside

Such fun! Thank you for posting. Now I'm inspired to see how I can add a little more playfulness to my own decorating and design.

ok, my boyfriend and I have our next weekend date planned out now

Way awesome! Bella would love to do these - me and my brothers did when we were young ones ;)

this is great, thanks!!!

hehehe...this brings back so many memories of making "forts" when we were kids. Couch cushions, under tables, tents pitched across stair railings, etc...it was all fair game. The other thing we'd do was to hang blankets from the top of our bunk beds to create a private hiding space.

It would seem that the desire to carve out a space of our own, of our own design as well, must run deep in all of us.

Hahaha, thanks for the link!

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