Make with the Sauce!


D'awww I love it!! gonna show it to my boyfriend, his gaming room needs more cheery wall stickers ;D We've been meaning to get them for quite a while but never got around to it.
(Being pissy is what Goombas do best!)

Yay! Let me know what he things! Hopefully he won't be pissy like that Goomba.

Oh my gosh, this is way too cool! I want to make a fun gaming room, too!


That's pretty freaking awesome. I really have a soft spot for well done theme rooms.

OMGs LOVE IT!!!!! Might steal your ideas for our future Man Cave! :D

Have at it! Make sure to invite me over for some River City Ransom or something. :D

AW HALES YES. I'm pretty sure you have to invite everyone who sees this over to play, now. I'll wear my Space Invaders dress. Also I can bring cupcakes. (I'm kidding, of course. I don't actually own a Space Invaders dress.)

Clearly goombas reproduce by spore dispersal!

You know, now that I think about it, Goombas *are* kinda shaped like cupcakes. Maybe Bowser just bakes them in some kind of industrial kitchen or the like?

In any case, your cupcakes alone are good for one (1) admittance to my game room, and the choice of any game that you'd like to play. *grins* But you should still get the dress. I would, if I could afford it... I bet it would look awesome.

Boodalee, right?! I have this bookmarked for when we move and get an extra room! (The Mario stickers!)

They're made by Blik actually, although they're cheaper to buy from ThinkGeek (and probably other places, too).

How did you guys do the painting? It's so good. That's beautiful

They're vinyl wall graphics made by Blik, not painted on. I can't imagine how long that would take to paint. *pales*

Oh, I had all kinds of nerdgasms while scrolling. I love it SFM, I may just show up at your house unexpectedly and never leave that room.

I am stealing the Mario stickers idea for my bathroom. Awesome room!

I think I just fell in love with this room, so awesome!

*drool* My fiance and I along with our best friend painted the title screen from LoZ on his wall a few years back. Now we've moved, twice and it's still in his grandparents house but they're threatening to paint over it.

I love your room :) I really enjoy your Club Nintendo History of Link poster! Very nice!

Love it so much! I am a LOZ nut, am headed over to Club Nintendo now to see if I can get my poster on :)

I can't wait til my boyfriend gets home from work so I can show him this masterpiece of a room!!!! Awesome, all of it.

This amount of AWESOME totally blows me away. <kowtows to you>

Himself shouldn't take too much convincing that we should do this with our own guest room/office... Maybe if I promised to try and find some Duck-Hunt stuff, hmmm.

AngelVixen :-)

Good luck convincing him!

I aspire for my gaming room to look as awesome. Love it!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! me and my fiancee have discussed on several occasions that when we decide to have children our nursery will be nintendo themed!! ♥ SUCH INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!


WOW- you did a great job! I would have to upgrade to a giant tv with a more substantial media stand- but otherwise- amazing as is!

I keep my eye out on Craigslist for cheap/free CRT TVs that would be a bit better. That said, even this small one weighs more than I can carry on my own. No big burly men around to carry 200lb TVs up to my game room. :(

This room is so great! I love the triforce sun-catcher you made.

Thanks! If you liked the Triforce, you would probably really enjoy this Fire Flower window I made:



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