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Halloween 2010 at our home!
missamandapanda wrote in saucydwellings

Well, I do it every year- and here it is: my huge Halloween decoration post of our 1908 California craftsman home all decked out. As you can probably tell, I collect tons of old stuff- some of that being pre-1970's Halloween decor. Enjoy!

Front porch. 

Greeting you at the gate.


Bats and ravens.

Black bear liquor bottle and owl liquor decanter.

Miss October

Various Halloween related books.

Saint holding a pumpkin.

Black kitties. I collect them.

A few of my devils from my collection.


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if this is true, it is beyond awesome. haha.

I feel like a stalker. I SWEAR I am not, I just recognized the decor and the architecture cuz it's in my neighborhood. :)

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