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The Cat's Stairs in the Dining Room.
jme718 wrote in saucydwellings
Hi there. I've posted my bedroom and kitchen before, and now I thought I'd let you see our dining room.

To be honest I'm not totally in love with the grey, but I'm not so bothered by it to feel the need to paint again. And it's a huge improvement over the mauve the previous owner painted the entire house. The dining set is vintage. We inherited it from my husband's side of the family after the grandparents died. The rest of the family wanted to donate everything, saying it was "good quality but really dated". We think it is amazing.

This past weekend my husband and I installed climbing shelves for our cat on an empty wall. The short, thick shelves are IKEA Lack and the longer ones we made. Unfortunately she managed to rip one of the wall anchors out, so we are going to have to figure out something to make them stronger.

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The grey looks really good in there. Love the table and wish I had cats so I could install steps like that!

Thank you :) I like the grey better in the photos than in real life. It has just a touch too much blue in it.

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Thanks. I really wanted them to end right there so she can look outside.

Oh my god those cat steps. I love that he can jump all the way to the window <3

I like how all the secret cat ladies emerge in this post as well teehee

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Oh! I've been thinking about doing this for my cat for a while now, but I haven't quite figured out how I want to do it yet... plus, my walls (in an apt) are so poorly made, that I have installed almost all of my current shelves by just pushing nails into walls with my bare hands. I can only imagine that my cat would take half the wall off with her.

And I _love_ your dining set.

ugh, that is how the walls of my townhouse are. :(

Another secret cat lady checking in! :)

I also LOVE those wall steps you put in.. I have two cats at home, and I know they would love something like that. Although they would probably end up chasing each other up and down them all day. And my silly big floofy boy would claim that perch up top above the door with the lovely sunlight as his own.. but I'm pretty sure he would fall off of it when he was sprawled out sleeping.

I think the grey works nicely as a base, with your accents of colour around the place. And yes.. gorgeous vintage dining suite :)

Thanks= you. The dining set has some heat damage to the tabletop, but eventually we're hoping to have it refinished back to its former glory. And the tablecloth hides it pretty well for now.

The cat steps are awesome! Now I have another reason to add to my list of why I need my own house. :)

I love the artwork. That looks fantastic. You have a good eye for decorating:)

I love it all, but the kitty steps are so cute! We have the large Lack shelf in our living room and it's pretty sturdy. We can put our entire heavy ass Christmas village on it and it doesn't budge! We used probably the most heavy duty anchors we could find. I can't remember the name, but it's like a little "V" attached to a screw. You have to drill some pretty decent sized holes in the wall though.

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I've been wanting/pondering cat steps for awhile. I love how elegant and modern yours look--very pretty! : )

Thank you. I still need to put something on the shelves to give her better traction, and I'm hoping to find something that won't mess up the clean lines.

I'm in love with idea of the kitty climbing space! And how it doesn't just span from one room, but, too. What a neat little window to look out of above the door. I wish I was a cat now! lol

Thanks, I really wanted her to be able to look out the window. She's an indoor cat so her favorite thing to do is sit in a windowsill and look outside.

Love the cat stairs. Yeah, our boy cat managed to rip the the step out of the cat stairs we made for him using the same shelving. You really have to make sure it gets mounted on a stud.

Unfortunately the IKEA shelves are simply too short to mount to the studs (only one side would be mounted on the stud), or we would have done that. I'm thinking we can drill a piece of wood to the stud and then mount the shelf to that, but it would look weird with the IKEA shelves. Most likely we will just make the remaining shelves from wood and use the IKEA ones somewhere else.

I like! Am loving the gray and it's so nice to see a cool place for your cat to play. I love it when pets are thought of in design.

Thank you :) The grey looks better in the photos. It's a little too blue in person, but like I mentioned in the post, ANYTHING is better than the mauve the entire house used to be.

Another secret cat lady checking in! Although, I don't own a cat at the moment and I'm not at all that secretive about my love for them. :-)

Yes, another vote of LOVE for the kitty shelves!

Your tablecloth is also awesome! lovely

It's from Target :) I loved the pattern and the color was right.

wish I had the room to make the cat stairs...

I wonder if we could do those cat stairs in a blank spot in our living room. My cats would love it.

And I like the bluey tint to the gray. That's the color I wanted my old office space to be. It turned out baby blue.

The grey felt colder when we had less stuff in there. It's not so bad now, it's just not the grey I envisioned.

I love cat stairs. I am hoping my next home will have a space that I could use for some.

Bravo to you for saving that dining set! It's beyond fabulous. :)

It really is. It came with a matching buffet but it's too massive to fit in the dining room, so it's in the office:

Lovely dining room, and yay for cat stairs! I will have to get around to posting my own sometime soon - they give our kitty access to our lofted bed.

Do you this would be at all possible with a 17 pound cat?

My other cats are normal size, my one cat is a Maine Coon. We're looking to buy and I'd love to do something like this but...uh...he's kind of a monster. I'm afraid he'd hurt himself/the wall.

If it's mounted into studs, you should be okay. We thought we could get away with wall anchors because she's only 9 lbs, but she proved us wrong. Such is life with cats :)

For those cat stairs, which ones did she manage to disconnect? I've been thinking of doing something similar for my monkeys, but I don't need anyone falling to their doom. Set has bad eyesight to begin with!

The highest IKEA shelf. We're probably just going to make some that are long enough to mount to the studs and use the Lack shelves elsewhere.

great idea!!
my cats would love that

thank god your husband's relatives didn't give away the dinner set, it is fabulous!!
I also love how you made decorative pictures from ikea fabric :)

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