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Open Sauce
lepapillonvert wrote in saucydwellings
Happy Friday Saucy Dwellers! Did you find a sweet thrift score, proud of a paint job, want to show off pictures of your new saucy sofa? Inspired by something you saw or just want to leave a show-me-your... request?

You can show it here... have fun and bon weekend!

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the outside can be saucy, right?

We're still working on getting the grass to grow, but our little Japanese Maple is in bloom as is the random tree to the right. We painted our door/stairs and planted a ton of flowers, thought you can't really see them in the photo as they are hidden by the tiny maple.

(This is our new house, which we bought in winter so we were pleasantly surprised to see the colors on the trees!)

Re: the outside can be saucy, right?

You have no idea how in love I am with your house.. It looks amazing. My partner wants to build a new house when we upgrade from our own and I keep saying to him "We can have a new house, but I want it to look classic and beautiful.." and I have trouble conveying to him my vision, so I hope you don't mind if I take this picture and put it in the "vision" file.

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The other day, I think it was here in sd, someone posted a link to journal that showed a tutorial for making a succulent garden. I made one using a thrifted glass bowl and cheapie plants. An easy project to keep my brain busy while stuck at home with a bad cold and a sick toddler:


The toddler promptly mangled the smallest plant. Thank goodness I took pictures right away. I blog about my house and garden, at times obsessively, here: http://cottonpig.wordpress.com/

I loooove it~ Very nicely done! It is just the right amount of life to really make me want to cozy up in your chair and reed a book!

So I've been following in the blog of a local woman who does a lot of upcycling with her husband and I got this beautiful chest and night stand




Also here is a link to her blog post about it.

So cute. I'm glad you linked to the blog so I can see the true color of the pieces. I was a bit worried they were a burnt sienna/baby poo color. ;)

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Totally adorable, on both counts.

Cute! Depending on the size of the chip, and how much of a gambler you are, you should be able to find a glass shop (you know, where they do windows and mirrors and stuff) where they would be able to grind out the chip. There's always the danger of breakage, but let's just say my cousin the glass man has been able to rescue some FABULOUS pieces doing this. For a $2 investment, why not?

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My office is teeny tiny, but I re-painted and re-organized a few months ago. Not sure how much this will help for inspiration, but here are the pictures- http://www.flickr.com/photos/thepeculiarcat/tags/beforeafter/

Lots has gotten finished in the house last week, but since I posted the fireplace from before, I thought I'd show its progress now. The walls of the living/dining room have been painted!

we havent put the crown molding up yet, hence the unfinished paint at the top

Oh, and the bathroom is done too...well, mostly. Hooray for a new vanity/light/mirror. Excuse the mirror being so high, there is a hole behind it for a built in medicine cabinet but because we're moving in this weekend, this is the quick fix for now until moving is done and we can just close it off. We needed a working bathroom before we moved in! LOL



Crazy awesome improvement on your bathroom! Nice wall colour, too.

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Love the new light fixture.

Wow, you can tell it's going to be amazing once it's finished!
And good job ob the bathroom, you really managed to turn it around 180°! It looks so classy now! :)

I used a cupcake stand to put all my little composer busts on display on my piano.

Chopin's on top because I <3 him.

Re: Composer Tree?

That's awesome!

Show Me Your: "Cut-Outs"

I'm not sure what the technical term is, searching google hasn't worked so well. I'm looking for photos of open cut-outs between rooms. I'm about to sheetrock over one side and do a full built-in on the other.

Before I close it off I'd like to see some open shelving/other ideas for cut-outs but I don't know where to search. I'm not 100% sold on completely closing the space off.

Re: Show Me Your: "Cut-Outs"

I've always heard them refered to as Pass-Throughs.

We got some new furniture and curtains, painted an accent wall in the living room and applied a decal. We plan on replacing the terrible vertical blinds on the living room window sometime soon.

Off-topic, but I LOVE your kitchen table. That light wood is dreamy! Where'd you get it?

I love the wall with the tree on it!!!

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We're soon to be moving into a flat with no bathroom storage at all (our current flat doesn't have much but this will be even worse!) and have been looking at things like this:

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