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Open Sauce
lepapillonvert wrote in saucydwellings
Happy Friday Saucy Dwellers! Did you find a sweet thrift score, proud of a paint job, want to show off pictures of your new saucy sofa? Inspired by something you saw or just want to leave a show-me-your... request?

You can show it here... have fun and bon weekend!

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The other day, I think it was here in sd, someone posted a link to journal that showed a tutorial for making a succulent garden. I made one using a thrifted glass bowl and cheapie plants. An easy project to keep my brain busy while stuck at home with a bad cold and a sick toddler:


The toddler promptly mangled the smallest plant. Thank goodness I took pictures right away. I blog about my house and garden, at times obsessively, here: http://cottonpig.wordpress.com/

I loooove it~ Very nicely done! It is just the right amount of life to really make me want to cozy up in your chair and reed a book!

Love that little succulent garden! It's a great touch in the living room.

love it! i bought some succulents a few weeks ago with the idea of doing something like this but never got around to it. Guess what i'm doing this weekend!

Do you mind sharing the link? That looks fantastic, and I'm jealous and want one haha

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