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decemberthirty wrote in saucydwellings
Last fall, my partner and I moved into a 200-year-old row home in Philadelphia. I posted our living room here, and planned to post other rooms as we got them finished. Little did I suspect that it would take five months before I had another room ready to share! But here it is: my study.

Study 2

I'm a professional writer so I spend a fair amount of time working here, and I wanted to create a room that felt warm and comfortable, and where I could have some of my books at hand without making the space feel cluttered. The study is on the top floor of the house, where the previous owners did some work (took out the attic, installed a skylight, etc) that makes the space feel more open and modern than the rest of the house. It's It's a little bit funny to come to a space like this at the top of a very old house, but it makes for beautiful light in the room.

Study from the bedroom
Looking in from the adjoining bedroom.

Study with skylight
This is sort of a strange photo, but you can see the skylight and the height of the ceilings. I painted that mirror a few weeks ago--you may remember it from one of the recent "Open Sauce" posts.


Curtains in the study
These sheer white curtains were the finishing touch that the room needed. The ottoman under the window is there as a cat bench, in the theory that maybe if they could look out the window the cats wouldn't jump on my desk so much when I'm working. That theory is sometimes correct.

Tommy in my study
Tommy kindly demonstrates the cat bench.

My girlfriend made this quilt for me years ago, back when we first got together. Does it look like it's not hanging straight? Remember that this house is 200 years old--there are no straight lines or 90 degree angles in the whole place!

Blank books, books to be read, and shells
I painted this bookshelf to match the mirror.

My bulletin board
My messy bulletin board.

Green suitcases
Green suitcases.

Books, books, and more books
Books, books, and more books.

Thanks for looking!

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It IS a beautiful space. You've maintained the sense of light and warmth - well done.

Absolutely beautiful! I love all the natural light. (I live in a basement, so anytime I see a beautiful, bright home/room I both rejoice and weep a little in envy.)

And that rug is so pretty!

Thanks! I feel your pain--I lived in a basement for three years while I was in grad school. But just be patient. Someday you too will have lots of light! :)

My house is the same way.. no straight lines!

My favorite is when I'm trying to hang something just so, and I get my level out...and immediately throw up my hands and say, "What's the point??"

Very nice! I was just in Philly last weekend and was very curious about those row houses!

Thank you!

I've been living in Philly for about 10 years, and have occupied a few different row homes during that time. They're usually pretty narrow, which can be a challenge, but most of them have lots of character to make up for it.

i love this. looking at it makes me want to read and write and fall asleep with a cat.

Those are three of my favorite activities, and all are strongly encouraged in my house. :)

It's gorgeous - the natural light is fantastic. Also, the quilt is beyond gorgeous - love the bold colors in the batiks and how it plays off the light, airy-ness of the room. :)

Thank you! I'll pass on your compliments on the quilt to my girlfriend.

you have some of my favorite books!

What an inspirational spot. Love the natural light, fresh air, and that quilt! Wow, that's amazing work!

Thank you! My girlfriend will appreciate hearing your comments on her quilt. :)

As a writer and owner of a very very old (and crooked) house, I love it!

Excellent--thanks! How old is your old and crooked house?

What a nice space to create in. :)

Thanks! It's nice to have a dedicated writing space.

Love it! The wall color and light remind me a bit of my boyfriend's old place. Man I miss that apartment.

As with the other room, a really nice job. It looks so homey and comfortable. :)

That's the only wall color chosen by the previous owners that I haven't wanted to run right out and change! I wasn't sure I would like something so neutral on the wall, but it's really grown on me.

Thank you! :)

That room looks so relaxing and inspiring!

I love that space ... it's so bright but still warm and inviting. beautiful space.

What a lovely space to write in. I am making grabby hands at your chair - is it comfy? Does the room have air conditioning? If not, how do you survive in the summer under a skylight? We have three skylights (that we are about to cover with some kind of space-age miracle polymer film) and I have this topic on the brain right now.

Space-age miracle polymer film--sounds exciting! The room is air-conditioned, fortunately, and we also have a fan that shifts back and forth between the study and the bedroom, depending on where we need the air circulation.

As for the chair, it is only acceptably comfy on its own, but is perfect with a pillow for my back. So I just keep a pillow on it.

I came here to say that I love your green suitcases!

Thanks! I spent all of 50¢ developing that collection!

Your bird icon is so cute. :)

i currently live in a 70 year old row home in philadelphia and we have no 90º angles, either. it drives me absolutely nuts when trying to get my furniture flush with the walls.

i love the space you've created here. it's very calming.

Thanks--glad you like it.

And how about trying to get furniture not to wobble on the uneven floors in these old Philly houses! Every time I move into a new place, it takes ages to get everything shimmed up properly. What part of the city are you in? I live in South Philly (Queen Village, specifically).

your hardwoods are to die for!

Thanks! They were definitely a selling point for this house for us.

Love it all. The wall quilt is beautiful, but I had to giggle that you called your bulletin board messy. LOL It's probably the tidiest one I've ever seen.

I really like the rug. Do you remember where you got it?

Thanks! I do remember where I got it, but I'm afraid it won't be much help to you--I found it on craigslist. If I remember correctly, the original owner said she got it from Crate and Barrel, but I have no idea if they're still selling it. Sorry!

there's something so unique and appealing to your place :) congratulations!

Thanks for your comment! You've dug back into the archives to find this old post. :)

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