Make with the Sauce!

This is absolutely amazing. So well-done!

So lovely... everything is so unique but goes together so nicely. I love your kitchen, too!!

Thank you! I'm itching to do some work in the kitchen but it's very low priority right now.

Such a beautiful spot. I can imagine sitting here in the morning, paper open (cat sleeping on it, of course), contemplating how to go out the rest of the day... :)

We'll be back there in the morning after porch weather ends!

I love the whole thing - great work here :)

Love it! It's sophisticated and classy but very warm and inviting. Kinda surprised :) Not typically my style, but it transcends style, IMO. And, Kitty!

Thanks! We were having to pry him off the rug for the first couple of weeks.

So gorgeous and grown up but fun at the same time. I covet your bar.

It was at the shop for a couple of weeks. I was floored and thrilled to find it was still around when we needed it!

I remember this! I always think of Charleston (SC) when I see it.

Thanks! The weather has finally been livable around here.

The room's warmed up so much -- very nice!

wow, looks great! the swag lamp and bar are amazing finds. im hoping to do something along the lines of this at my new house. i love the modern mid-century look. :)

Thanks, we're pretty stoked with those scores!

I am choking on the jealous right now. So pretty.

Absolutely lovely! The wall color is delicious. And I am coveting the hell out of that swag lamp, 'cause I have a small but growing collection of fleur de lis. Is it vintage? Are there any manufacturer marks on it?

Thank you! The lamp is vintage and to be honest, we've never checked for any makers marks. We've also wondered if they're upside-down on purpose or if it was a mistake, but we love it nonetheless.

This is gorgeous; I love all the colors. ♥

Stunning. Looks professionally decorated!

Gorgeous! Elegant and homey and inviting. I love it!

psssst...the before and after links to the lamp pics go to the same URL. :-)

Ha! Thanks for catching that, I get lazy proofing. :)

Looks so so fabulous, great job!

I love the colors, the different shades and patterns of green on green is lovely. I really love that swag lamp too, very beautiful!

Very nice! I especially love the shelves and the bar.

You're in Charleston? I'm in Charleston!

I'm new to the area, where do you shop?

Can you take me with you?

Can you decorate MY house???


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