Make with the Sauce!

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Thanks! I'm slowly trying to make a living off sewing and other things, but as I haven't focused a lot of energy into in the last many months, it's been pitiful. I am working to get a lot of things ready for a couple of shows in the next few weeks though.

I also am kind of curious as to what it is you sew. :)

I'm kind of torn...I really liked that blue color you showed, I almost wish you'd done that instead so I could see it. x.x

Right now, I do fabric accessories and bespoke corsets on occasion. I am hoping to get back into costuming, for personal use only. We're also working on some other things that I'm not at liberty to talk about for a bit. ;)

We decided that it was going to be too much work to get the surface of the chipboard to resemble anything somewhat smooth and sealed, so we went with what felt more sensible.

You make me want a studio, oh so badly. Love it.

Also, it does feel alot more comfortable just looking at it =)

So so so envious. You've done an amazing job here - I can imagine how inspiring it is to work in such an efficient and beautiful space. Well done.

I am definitely wanting to spend more time in here!

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That was another issue with the painted floors as they would have been painted subflooring... not durable in the long run.

If you had a studio space, holy shit.

omg, this is GLORIOUS. I'm a fashion design student and I can only dream of one dya having a studio like this!

Thank you! Now it's time to get off the 'puter and get some work done. :)

SUH-WEET! i DREAM of the day i can find studio space but for now its my dining room^_^ this room is fantastic! you did a great job (like magazine-worthy job!)

Thanks! I used to use the dining room in our place a few years back.

this is absolutely insane, I could look at this post all day.

What an awesome space!
And I love that you included your kitties in the design.
I have three beloved felines who spend a lot of time in my domain and I try to provide them a special place to perch.
Wishing you much creativity and great success in your space.

Thank you! They don't always go where directed, but I'm glad this is working out.

Beautiful! Your toys manage to look so respectable against such a neat and fancy background. Also, I enjoy getting photos of the troubleshooting of the wheels.

Thanks lady! We felt super cool after the first try, only to have it thwarted. ;)

What a magnificent space! I am sure anyone can become inspired in a space like that!

Also, what wonderful photography. What camera model do you use? I have seen your pictures before. Is it your camera that does most of the work, or do you have experience with photography? I want a camera that does all the work!

Thank you! We have a Canon Rebel XTi. I love it but we're due for an upgrade. I do a lot of post work in Photoshop to get them to where I'm happy. I don't have a lot of experience and I need to take classes.

Wow, I've taken up sewing over the past year and I've been doing quite a lot of it recently. I would LOVE to have such a fabulous space! I'm interested in knowing more about the tool storage you have over the stainless steel table - I think I recognize the bars that everything's hanging on from Ikea, but how do you have the stuff hanging from it?

Thanks! Those are Crystal Light containers! I've been collecting for a few years and use them for a variety of storage solutions. I punch a hole in them and then hook them on an 'S' hook.

I'm officially IN LOVE with your space!

for future reference, couldn't you use a pipe cutter on the legs instead of a hacksaw? it seems like it would be a lot easier/safer.

Oh totally, but as we need to add one to our arsenal we didn't think about it. Also, the one liners from my husband made it worth it. ;)

What a beautiful rOom. I love it!

Lovely! I love the art pieces, particularly, *ahem*, the monkey one. Uhm, I love monkeys. Did you create the art, too?

Thank you dear! I wish I made that piece, but it was a gift from a friend. The painting is a very unfinished piece I did about a decade ago. The girl is one of my favorite gravestones at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.

Great use of space. It looks so light and airy! The "before" set-up was great, too.

It feels much more open now, that's for sure.

I might borrow some of your ideas for my home school room. I'm making the 2 1/2 hour sojourn to Ikea on Wednesday! Can't wait to have it all DONE.

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May I ask what kind of sewing machine you have?

Sorry for the late reply. It's a Singer cg590. It's mostly metal and I got it for a great deal several years ago and it's a work horse for the money.

I know I'm late to the party but I love your space. I just bought a sewing machine and hope to figure out how to use it and this is very inspiring! Also our cats could be twins!

Thanks lady! I've been meaning to go back to your post on your LJ and comment, but I'm woefully behind right now. How is Atticus and how was the trip for him?

Oh my gosh, I am so jealous!!! What a great space.


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