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lepapillonvert wrote in saucydwellings
AW DANG, I ran downstairs to start our second round of Thanksgiving festivities and completely forgot about y'all!

Happy Friday Saucy Dwellers! Did you find a sweet thrift score, proud of a paint job, want to show off pictures of your new saucy sofa? Inspired by something you saw or just want to leave a show-me-your... request?

You can show it here... have fun and bon weekend!

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Re: Request/Share Invites in this comment thread

Me please! hecavanagh@hotmail.co.uk

Re: Request/Share Invites in this comment thread

I'd like one, please! bittercld at gmail dot com

I would love an invite!

did you receive one yet? if not ill send you one if you drop me your email

i painted one of the chairs i bought last week: before & after



I'm sooo jealous. I've been wanting one of those for my office but to get a new one is way out of my price range atm. The red legs look fab!

Also, love the chunky baseboards.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I'm loving that linoleum as well!

I was hoping to have pictures by now but my apartment still looks like a hoarder lives here. I moved in a couple weeks ago and half my stuff isn't unpacked.

So I will just mention that I found a new top for the little table (really just the legs) I mentioned here: I used a glossy white cabinet door from the Ikea as-is section. Makes for a small coffee table but since it's tall I like it that way. :)

Somewhat hilariously (to me), my dad was super excited to find the ugly original formica top that I threw on his scrap wood burning pile. Apparently it's the perfect thing to attach his steel folding legs to and make a work table. So that found a new home too.

With the lack of snow I've been experiencing a deep ennui, so I started my Christmas decorating...

Your tree is beautiful! We have a very similar star on the top of ours, except it's red.

The DH and I bought a house last July. We upgraded from a 730 square foot apartment to a 2,100 square foot house. The bones of my house are so cute that (thankfully) it's presentable even without a lot of decorating.

BUT I'M NESTING LIKE CRAZY OR SOMETHING. I seriously want to fill it ALL up. I want every room to look "complete." It's driving me crazy.

So, I'm looking for super cheap suggestions on stuff to fill space. I'm going through CL a lot and getting stuff that way, but I just feel the need to make everything look good. I kind of feel like a failure for not having it look great.

My house is 105 years old but it has been completely updated, so anything old looks good, but modern stuff also fits (touches of modern, that is).

How do I make it look good without spending a boat load and what decorating touches are a "must" to make a room look complete without ACTUALLY being complete?

(Deleted comment)
Thanks so much for all these links! I've just spent a happy hour viewing, dreaming, and making plans.... :)

DIY the crap outta that sucker. I think homemade drapes (you can do drapes without sewing, if need be) and pillows make things like nice.

I love elarging older photos and making them your artwork.

A little spray paint can freshen any old thing up. Find a cute side table at a thrift shop and paint it a color that coordinates.

I also find that a rug really pulls a room together. They're more expensive, but places like TJ Maxx have great prices on fun rugs.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, it's beautiful! What a steal!

(Deleted comment)
Scarlett always wins the day. *g*

I hope you post pics when you fix it up! Tho' I do love that dark color. It just needs a little love.

(Deleted comment)

Re: 3D ball ornament

Oh, so pretty! I love your choice of colors!

Re: 3D ball ornament

Those are gorgeous!

Late reply, but I love these!

Re: 3D ball ornament

I made something exactly like this in girl scouts when I was a kid.

a bit late to the party, but, well:

In a couple of months (hopefully not more) I'll have brought an apartment, and of some reason I've gotten it into my head that I want to somehow make the kitchen green and pink. Mainly green, but with pink as a "pop-out" colour in it. I can imagine it and have an idea about how it can work, but I'm not used to working with green or pink - and especially not together -, so I'm looking for inspiration about how to make them work together. It can be anything, from other kitchens to paintings to fashion outfits, as long as it works with these two colours.

Edited at 2011-11-28 06:08 pm (UTC)

i finally found a couch to match my loveseat! i bought the loveseat a while back, but after some time with it i've decided it's just TOO small as the main source of seating, SO i've been searching for a matching couch.

craigslist pic of my loveseat:

and the couch i want to buy:

fingers crossed it's in good condition and comfy and that i can pick it up later this week!

Good eye for a match! They're pretty similar styles!

Thanks! i'm going to go look at/buy it on saturday. i'm hoping the color matches close enough, sometimes it's hard to tell from photos!

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