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Open Sauce
lepapillonvert wrote in saucydwellings
Happy Holidays Saucy Dwellers! Did you find a sweet thrift score, proud of a paint job, want to show off pictures of your new saucy sofa? Inspired by something you saw or just want to leave a show-me-your... request?

You can show it here... have fun and bon weekend!

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Want to share your Pinterest boards or even request an invite from someone? Do it here!

Please see previous post for more info and find other Pinners.

*Per the community rules, please do not delete your comments. Screening them for these threads is ok.*

Request/Share Invites in this comment thread

Request/share invites in this thread.

*When you have received an invite, please comment so we know you're taken care of!*

I have invites; just give me your email address if you want one.

Edited at 2011-12-23 04:19 pm (UTC)

do you still have any invites? im.so.rad at gmail.com

I have a question about pinterest, I just got an invite and when I sign in it is asking me to link accounts with either facebook or twitter... I don't have a twitter, but I don't want all my facebook friends connected with my pinterest. I guess what I am asking is if I join linked with facebook, will it show on my facebook?

(Deleted comment)
Hm, I was considering just making a sock twitter account, maybe I'll just do that.

That is what I ended up doing.

I didn't want to connect it with my Twitter account (and I don't have a Facebook account), but I begrudgingly did anyway when I first signed up. But after you sign up, it is really easy to unconnect the accounts and just sign in with your email address. Also, if it helps, I think all it did when the accounts were connected, as far as I can tell, was make a link to my Twitter account from my Pinterest page. It never published anything to Twitter without permission.

INXS is playing on my stereo right now, and your icon is dancing with it in perfect time.

Yep, you can! I linked it to my facebook but it doesn't spam up anyone's feed if you select the option not to update fb. It does make it so you can find your fb friends and follow their boards and they can find you.

I didn't connect mine with my facebook... I didn't select either option and as far as I know it didn't connect them on it's own.

The link to "previous post" took me right back here :)

Here is mine:

I would like an invite please!

Whenever I click on the link for the previous post it takes me to this post. Am I doing something wrong?

Nah, that would be not updating the link properly before hitting 'post'.

Show Us Your Holiday/Seasonal Decor!

In this thread, please!

This is my living room.

My tree all lit up

Ahhhh I love your Yoda angel!

I'm at my relatives' for Christmas so it'd be great if you could still post this topic next Friday? I always keep my decorations up until after New Years, haha.

There is now another stocking for my new kitty but that wasn't put up until after I took photos.

my shaggy tree

Okay, new LJ is confusing but here goes.

I painted my dining room Tempered Gray, which is a shade lighter than the grey that was in there before:

We also demoed the fireplace. Before:


Nice preview button, eh?

It looks awesome!

Yeah... well at least it didn't eat my photos again.

And thanks! We are headed out to Home Depot to get the MDF for the fireplace now. Hopefully I'll have shiny new fireplace photos to post for next week's open sauce :)

Love the gray... and love what you're doing with your fireplace. Can't wait to see the finished product! Are you planning on keeping the tiles forever or replacing those?

I think we are going to keep the tile for now, if we can rebuild it without breaking them, but probably we will change them eventually and maybe add a hearth too. I'm thinking a pencil tile, in a lighter color. They're not bad, just kinda boring.

I re-did this little $10 Todd Oldham table by reupholstering the top! See the after and details here. Super easy project!

I have the same fabric in my bedroom. Love it!

I love all the fabrics you choose. Always fabulous.

Thanks! I love textiles!

New Svend Larsen credenza

My new vanity table

- When do you think its from?

The top is a removable pastoral tapestry btw. Beneath it is reg dark wood. Was set at $315 but got it down to $228 :) Antiques are sooooo pricy here. Ugh.

This is stunning! What a lucky find.

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