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pretty frontyard :) As a non-American (or non-English speaker), what is (a) HOA? And why do they have a say about what you do with your front yard?

I thought I might have to explain this to any readers outside the US. :) An HOA is a homeowners association, typically paid by fees. Not all communities have them, but our entire community is planned and we have subcommunities within it; the subcommunities each have separate HOAs.

More can be found here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeowner_association), but as they tend to be complicated, in short... you pay them a bunch of money so they can give you a bunch of rules. ;)

okay, I get it. That was about what I thought. We have them here in Europe in some areas as well I think. I lived a year in Washington State, but the term was not familiar. And I am a 100% sure something like this did not exist in the neighborhood I lived in (although some home owners could have needed a little kick in the a** regarding their front yard).

Haha, yup, that can be the downside to not having an HOA. You have more freedom, but that freedom can = laziness if someone just doesn't give a crap. I'll take an HOA anyday!

I'll add that I think they're more common with newer, suburban developments.

I didn't know HOA existed for houses at all. We rent a condo and there is one here. I'm not really sure what they decide because I have never attended one of their meetings, but they are always having them.

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