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Perfect Fit!
honeywest wrote in saucydwellings

I knew something was not quite working with this side of my livingroom.... I had a treasured painting of my Grandmother but it seemed a bit small for the space and the subject was not vibing with the rest of the space. Then I happened on this amazing educational chart at the Rosebowl Fleamarket this past weekend and I new it was a perfect fit.

The After and before...

and here are a few more pics of my new space, it was featured in the current issue of Flea Market Style but till the issue sold out, I could not show off all the photos:

Living room, facing the chart and bookcase above....

Details: made the curtains using Lotta Jansdotter fabric. I used Missoni trays from Target to freshen up old tv trays for side tables, the lamp was martha for kmart, with an eBay vintage shade.

I have since replaced the painting over the bed with the one of Granny and it is pefect. The wallpaper is the easy change, good for renters!

This corner of my bedroom was a little tricky beacuse of the tv, I wanted some kind of art and found this cubby shelve at pottery barn.. I added the patterned paper to the back, of each cubby. I had a vintage chair I wanted to recover but found this groovy chair at Target online for less than any upholsteringquotes I got and I love it.

I love love love my office!

As mentioned in my blog piece, I got the cabinet on eBay and the picture I bought on etsy, from Spain, it was just 11x14, printed on wood and in poor condition. I re-photographed and then had it printed on canvas.

I love this corner, the cabinet is from Urban Outfitters and I just recovered the front with a cooler fabric (it was just burlap before) ....

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simply amazing! ♥

& how nice to see someone posting here :)

Wow, I love the living room stool!

Also, you're right; the picture switch is great.

I did a lot of searching for that pouf and found the best deal at Overstock. Esp because of their cheap (2.95 for ANY item) shipping. A lot of the cheaper versions do not come stuffed and so you want to make sure of what your getting... you can stuff it yourself but I knew it would never look as good if I did that. This one is exactly the same as the expensive Jonathon Adler ones but about $100 less.

This is just so pretty! I love the colors you've chosen! It looks delightfully homey.

Ahhhh, I love your whole house! Dream house!

I love all the retro/vintage stuff!

It looks like a happy place to be.

Your style is so fun and colorful! I am so, so envious of that aqua medical cabinet, too.

(Also, the word you want up top is jibing, not jiving.)

Everything is perfect. *q*

WOW! I want to live here.

Amazing. I love your colors and prints. Great job!

Very beautiful place. I love your style.

I love everything about this! Especially the wallpaper behind the bed.

Wow, so beautiful and fun! I like your fabric choice with those Lotta curtains, such a cool print. Can you share more photos? Perhaps of your kitchen-- I bet yours is super cute!

Thanks Roxy, my kitchen is pretty small but it is cute. I will try to put together a post on it soon. In the mean time I do have a few post on my blog...

Ok... I'm officially IN LOVE with your space!!!

I'm in LA too and a huge fan of the rosebowl flea market!

wow beautiful! Love the colors and everything!!!!

This is awesome. I am seriously jealous!!

I love this post, as well as your other ones.

I also bought the magazine as well and just fell in love with the issue as a whole. I think it will become a regular purchase whenever it comes out twice a year :)

girl you have the best of everything! come over and do my house!! the way you arrange things are so good its a sick talent! seriously! Im a super fan!

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