Make with the Sauce!

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simply amazing! ♥

& how nice to see someone posting here :)

Wow, I love the living room stool!

Also, you're right; the picture switch is great.

I did a lot of searching for that pouf and found the best deal at Overstock. Esp because of their cheap (2.95 for ANY item) shipping. A lot of the cheaper versions do not come stuffed and so you want to make sure of what your getting... you can stuff it yourself but I knew it would never look as good if I did that. This one is exactly the same as the expensive Jonathon Adler ones but about $100 less.

This is just so pretty! I love the colors you've chosen! It looks delightfully homey.

Ahhhh, I love your whole house! Dream house!

I love all the retro/vintage stuff!

It looks like a happy place to be.

Your style is so fun and colorful! I am so, so envious of that aqua medical cabinet, too.

(Also, the word you want up top is jibing, not jiving.)

Everything is perfect. *q*

WOW! I want to live here.

Amazing. I love your colors and prints. Great job!

Very beautiful place. I love your style.

I love everything about this! Especially the wallpaper behind the bed.

Wow, so beautiful and fun! I like your fabric choice with those Lotta curtains, such a cool print. Can you share more photos? Perhaps of your kitchen-- I bet yours is super cute!

Thanks Roxy, my kitchen is pretty small but it is cute. I will try to put together a post on it soon. In the mean time I do have a few post on my blog...

Ok... I'm officially IN LOVE with your space!!!

I'm in LA too and a huge fan of the rosebowl flea market!

wow beautiful! Love the colors and everything!!!!

This is awesome. I am seriously jealous!!

I love this post, as well as your other ones.

I also bought the magazine as well and just fell in love with the issue as a whole. I think it will become a regular purchase whenever it comes out twice a year :)

girl you have the best of everything! come over and do my house!! the way you arrange things are so good its a sick talent! seriously! Im a super fan!

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