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1940s La Mesa, California House
anywhereanyone wrote in saucydwellings
It doesn’t look like this community is all that active anymore, but I thought I’d post our new place. If you’re a real old timer you may remember my Chicago loft post when my journal was “theamazingjosh.” Thanks for looking!

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WOW!!! I love it. Great colors and everything.

Love it! My mom lives in a 1940s house in La Mesa, too!

No way! Well I guess I should say small world because there are a lot of 1940s La Mesa houses.

LOVE the orange and teal combo. What is the brand/color of that teal?

It's Valspar's "Pantone Deep Green PN9060."

You're in La Mesa? Wow! I'm in Lemon Grove!
Beautiful house!

Not sure what's more shocking to me - that people are still watching this community or commenting from Lemon Grove!

ha, we're hardly inactive, apparently. i think those of us that are here have either already posted or not lucky enough to be living somewhere so awesome.

i love your place!

This is just brilliant. I can't look away.

You're going to get eye strain!

I feel super inspired by your home! That orange is perfect! It's hard to find the perfect rich, fresh, bright orange.
I'm especially curious about your work station. I spend so much time sitting and editing, and need an ergonomic setup. I like seeing what other people have done.
The photos of your place are amazing, too!

The workstation is really kinda junky to be honest. It's comprised of three desks from IKEA and a cubicle partition we made ourselves. My chair is nice though.

Wow! What a great place, I love all the color! Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous. The colors. The accessories. Everything is beautiful.
Congratulations on your new home. If I may ask, what is the square footage of your home?

Also, thank you for bringing some life back to this community! :)

Ha! Well we'll just have to see if there are a flood of new posts.

Wondering where you picked up the gray and blue area rug? Also would you like to come to Kansas to decorate for me? ;)

Actually it's not a rug, they are individual carpet tiles from CB2. Kansas? Sure.

Where did you get the white bookcase and the couches?

The bookcase is from a local store - http://www.metrodecoronline.com/ The couches are from Macy's.

I love that shower curtain. A lot.

And everything else.

But, really, that shower curtain. :D

It is a cool shower curtain.

I love it. I absolutely adore your different color choices.

Ugh this is SO gorgeous. I love the mix of mid century a slight contemporary feel. Really awesome.

(Deleted comment)
absolutely amazing!

I like every single thing in every single picture :))

compliments to you!

Fricking breath taking! About time we are seeing new posts too!

Wow! Now THAT'S a saucy dwelling. Love the colors... Heck, even the photos you took make it look like the place should be in a magazine. :-)


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