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Happy Halloween!
The Boys
I miss the activity with all the Halloween decor post yours too pretty please?

Vintage Shelf

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Tween girl bedroom
My daughter had grown tired of her bedroom, after 5 years of baby blue with pink, purple and teal bubbles she was ready for a change

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Grand Rapids, MI: Living Area and Kitchen
See my bathroom here and my office here!

This is almost the end of my apartment! I have to post my bedroom, but there are still plans a-foot in there. But here are my living room and kitchen - these might be my two favorite rooms in the house. Living room is about 15' x 18' and kitchen is 7' x 10'.


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Grand Rapids, MI: Home Office + Hallway
Last week, I posted my bathroom. Today, I'm going to post my office. This room is 13' x 13' (or 15.5 meters squared).


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Super Psyched!

Hi all! The newest issue of Flea Market Style Magazine has hit the stands with a 10 page feature on my new apartment in Los Angeles! I am only able to post a tiny but tasty tease on my blog today. The magazine is available all over, I found them at my local Ralphs. It may seem pricey at 9.95 but there are very few ads, it is all content and it is truely one of my favorite magazines. It usually sells out and I have seen back issues go for as high as $50 on ebay! So go check it out! Check out teaser here...

A cute and bright little kitchen
I've wanted to post this for ages, but for the past year I've had a gross vinyl floor in my kitchen, and it just made everything look dirty.
But the landlords finally put in a new one and we're good to go!

I rent a 1-bedroom apartment in a converted house in Ontario, Canada that I share with my kitty, Seth.

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Thanks for stopping in!

Living in the attic of my girlfriend's childhood home — Finally happy with how things look!
Lanni, 23, living in Rochester, NY.

This is my current living space. My girlfriend and I are living in her childhood bedroom at her mom's house. It's not ideal, but it's allowing us to save enough money to get started on our own.

You may remember me (if you've been here for a few years!) — I used to post a bit when I was in college. I deleted my account when I graduated, but my old posts are still up if you'd like to take a gander!

IMG_4458 IMG_5858 IMG_6570

On to the recent sauce!

View of the "living area." The pink chair is my pride and joy — found it a few years ago on Craigslist.

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New house! (Part two)
I posted a before and after of my new house a few days ago and some of you asked to see the rest of it, so here it is! 

I have a thing for owls & Ikea, if you can't tell lol

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New Art, A DIY Light Fixture, & Some Furniture Shuffling
coffee please
When last I posted, back in February, some wonderful person left a comment suggesting a new furniture arrangement in the living room. I'm a little embarrassed to admit I hadn't ever considered a different arrangement! We used to keep a TV on the credenza, so the couch kind of had to be oriented that way, plus the old couch was too huge to go anywhere else...but neither of those issues are relevant any longer, so:

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New House!
My husband and I recently moved into our first house. We have done a lot of updating and were pretty much done but I only have a few pictures. This is my first time posting so please let me know what you think :)


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