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Make with the Sauce!

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my new room
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r0b0tr0n2000 wrote in saucydwellings

i moved into a new apartment last week.

a few things i like:
-religious icons
-andy warhol
-old cameras

this is my dresser. i made it out of some televisions that i picked out of a dumpster and coffee table legs from the trash. i primed and painted everything, then bolted together the tv's and screwed on the legs. now it holds my undies, socks, shorts, etc.

this is cecilia

my desk area, my andy warhol munny

don't buy this clock from fred flare because:
1- you can get it cheaper (half price) in other stores
2- the hourly chime is sooo annoying
3- it's a piece of crap
also, this is not my family, but i really loved this picture.

i pulled this chair out of someone's trash, primed/painted it, re-upholstered the pad with tacky last supper fabric and added even tackier gold fringe.
the rug is from urban outfitters.

i got the lamp for $4 at goodwill, emptied the crap that was in it, filled it with dirt and planted succulents inside. there are pictures of the whole process in my flickr. a bird made a nest in the wreath on my front door and abandoned it, so i took it and coated it with acrylic sealer. and that's the office fish tank from fred flare. it's very cute, but i suggest buying a nano filter for it so you don't have to clean it every other day.

more of the terrarium lamp, and my dad's dental impressions (they're upside-down, but crooked nonetheless)

i made the grasshopper and sparrow out of construction paper, and i made the andy warhol banana out of some jersey fabric and black paint. the dinosaur was thrifted (i got a whole set of them and gave them to my friends).
also, i paint shoes.

my bathroom. andy warhol shower curtain, self-portrait

framed lichtenstein poster ($1 at goodwill). i love paint-by-numbers. the top-left and bottom-right are some really ugly paintings that a friend and i painted things on.

the side of my fridge and my collection of doll parts

i'm not very good at making panoramas.
i am proud to say, though, that i hung all of these pictures in one shot with no level.

1- my dad and one of our chickens
2- a large framed photo i found in a thrift store (on of my favorite pictures ever)
3- a professionally-framed photo of l'arc de triomphe ($4 at goodwill)

if you want to see the photos with notes about prices/etc, or any of my other photos, check out my flickr page.


gaaaaaaaaaaah man i love this room, now THATS saucy!
this is exactly the kind of room i would put together, honnest to god
kitsch, religious icons and all of it. +1000 points for you making this amazing TV storage thing. i love you, marry me?

i probably won't marry you, but it's nothing personal

I love the random family picture. And the dresser you made out of TVs.

Very saucy! I'm not huge on kitsch, but I like how you put your place together.

I love the karen o painting. You should make more :p

But anyway, love your room. I thought I was commenting on this from the ourbedrooms community but this'll work too. You seem very creative.

i do a lot of yyy stuff. i made shoes for karen once.

Your room is amazing!
I especially love the dresser made from tvs and the chair you re-upholstered
I'm insanely jealous haha :]

Ditto on both. That TV dress is fantastic!

Love the tv dresser-the "family picture" the duck...well, everything-very creative!

It's too cool to even exist.

so awesome! <3 i love the tv dresser you made. it's so great!

VERY ARTSY! :) I got some great ideas!
love it!

hey! it's the choose your shoes guy! [http://www.myspace.com/chooseyourshoes]

very cool apartment... and all done in a week!

i did it in about 2 days, actually. i like to get all my stuff in, lock the door and finish it in as quickly and methodically as i can. i've become a pro at packing, un-packing and setting up all my junk.

Your TV sculpture is to die for.


i'm in love with the tv dresser!

oh my god the dresser!!!!!!!! LOVE it!

So great!!! I love everything 'cept Celcilia, and that's only because of my weird thing with freaking out over mannequins and cardboard cutouts of people, especially in my personal space. *shivers*

Can't tell ya how many times I nearly gave myself a heart attack over the things...and how funny people seem to think it is. ;)

when i first got her, she startled me every time i went into the room. but now she just registers in my brain as a piece of furniture or something.