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bedroom improvements.
lovely head
joyriders wrote in saucydwellings
i've finally gotten around to making some improvements to my bedroom area.

this weekend i got a new lamp (the 'knappa' from ikea), some roman shades to replace the ugly vertical blinds, and some frames to hang my new polaroid prints from yellow owl workshop. i also got a new lightweight down comforter for summer and took the heavy duvet cover off. i think i might get a plain white one for summer as well as some lighter colored or white sheets/pillowcases.

i replaced the fixture/cord setup on the lamp because the one it came with had no on/off switch. lame. stuffed otter that my boyfriend jacob got me at the ky/oh aquarium. (his name is patrick c. otter) the prints are mounted a little too close to the side wall, but oh well. i wont be moving them any time soon, seeing as i used epoxy to affix the hooks to the brick.

roman blinds from ikea. cats are milo and oliver.

closeup of the prints. they look crooked, but that's just due to the unevenness of the brick wall.

windowsill closeup #1- chrysanthemum plate (urban outfitters, 3 years ago), seashells, white porcelain jar from anthropologie (was originally a sugar bowl from a tea set, i believe. i just bought it separately.)

windowsill closeup #2- prairie girl's guide, the bjork book, laura letinsky photography book

ikea 'knappa' lamp. if you buy one of these, do NOT use the included instructions, the will make you lose your mind. instead google for assistance.

and in case anybody is curious, i live in brooklyn, ny. (williamsburg.)

I love it, I'm quite jealous.

hell yeah! I'm from Florence!

your bed looks incredibly comfy

what a beautiful room!! :)

OH god I love that lamp.

what a lovely bedroom.
the second pic looks like something from a magazine.

This is so pretty. I love the exposed brick.

i love it. i am always attracted to exposed brick. i love the whiteness feel also. therefore i agree with you; get some white sheets. your room looks so crisp and airy yet full of depth and cozy-ness :)

exposed brick!!!! dying of jealousy. it is really pretty. as are your cats.

I love love LOVE the exposed brick/white theme. I know everybody's saying it, but there you go.

(Also, mucho love for Milo and Oliver. They're beautiful. :D)

So lovely! I echo the "love the brick!" sentiment. very peaceful!

Oh, and your room is nice too. :-)

Your place is so tranquil. I imagine you sleep well. :)

I have the Knappa lamp also! I LOVE seeing other rooms with it, it's a great piece.

I like your urchins and shells..you might like these if you're interested in adding to your collection! I gave one to my mom, it's adorable.


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