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Make with the Sauce!

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My studio flat
_slowmotion wrote in saucydwellings

Hi everyone, I'm Beverley, 24 and living in North London, England. I moved out of my parents house 8 months ago and in to this tiny studio flat, which I rent alone. I've been wanting to post photos for ages but only now feel that I've finally made it my own, and ready for sharing!

Just some notes and a bit of background info before the cut -
- There are lots of images!
- I furnished the whole place and customised as much as possible (you'll notice a lot of Ikea furniture)
- I live in the attic room of a 4 storey Victorian conversion, so I could only really buy flatpack since nothing else will fit up the stairs! (My next place will be on the ground floor and I'm determined to thrift everything to fill it).
- The rest of the photos are on my Flickr if you want to see more DIY, daytime shots etc.
- I would very much like to know your views, good or bad :)

My kitchen, not a bad size considering the flat itself is one room! This is the view as your enter the door, to the left.

Another view of the door and kitchen from the other direction.

Bookcase that I use as a room divider and general display case for my typewriters and favourite accessories. This is the view from the kitchen side.

View looking straight ahead from the doorway.

My tiny bathroom, it's hard to get a good angle of this!

View looking right from the bathroom door. I tried to set my furniture up so it divides the space, this is the living/dining area I guess!

My window seat made from stools (that I move round the table if I have dinner guests), shelf unit that I plan to fill with plants.

View from the window seat.

From in front of the wardrobe. I forgot to mention that behind the large white cupboard doors are huge spaces in the roof that I use for clothes/shoes/cd/dvd/junk storage.

My sleeping/sitting area. It's a day bed so I just re-arrange the cushions when I have guests.

View from standing on the bed.

Close up of some of my favourite work.

The bed frame comes in handy for hanging jewellery!

This is actually a bedside table but I don't have room for much bigger, so I use it as a dining table. It can fit up to 4 at a squeeze! I usually have it tucked into the corner and pull it out when eating.

View from the 'front' of my bookcase.

Close up of my wardrobe. The previous tenant left it behind, it was an Ikea Aneboda that wasn't quite to my taste so I customised it!

Inside my bathroom, not much to see apart from a lot of products.

Some ikea mini chests that I customised.

My rather small book collection.

Close up of some of my favourite things.

Close up of the polaroids in my kitchen.

Apologies for cross-posting and thanks for looking!

EDIT - Thank you all for the lovely comments! You're too sweet <3


OMG. your type writer collection is a thing of beauty. your organizational skills are pretty major too. be friends?

Ha, thanks! I love typewriters a little too much (I even have a tattoo of one, but I digress...)

You are very welcome to add me :)

That looks fantastic! Elegant and cozy. And I love how you divided the space.

AMAZING!!!! i love what you did with everything!!!!

(Deleted comment)
i adore everything about it.

i love your bed frame! where'd you get it? i'm going to add you :-)

Thankyou, it's from Ikea, the 'Meldal' day bed. £55 without the mattress (not sure how that converts but it's cheap!)

(Deleted comment)
Nah that's not sad at all! I used to spend all my money on clothes, now it's this place. Heh.

oh my gosh i am so jealous. your place is too cute.

Holy crap! Where did you get that skull and roses pillow *or pillowcase*? Oh, and I'm going to be visiting London next year!

They were from a shop in Brighton, which is about 1/2 hours train ride from London. I'm not sure of the shop name (they sold these pillows and beanbags as a concession) but the brand is Beanbag Boudoir. They do these designs on dresses too!

(Deleted comment)
i LOVE IT. how much sq feet do you have? you do VERY well with it! i'm mem'ing your flat :) i love your style

Thankyou, I'm not sure but it's not much! The longest er.. length is from the bed to the desk, which is about 5 metres/16ft max I think.

uhm adorable. liek a little dollhouse

Very nice. Love the red theme.