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first time posting...
sheisyasmeen wrote in saucydwellings
My name is Yasmin, I'm a 14 year old girl from Kuwait :)
oh and i also posted to ourbedrooms, so you may see this twice.

everything you would see at the door

bed area

shelf with DVDs, books, and archie comics collection at the very bottom

keyboard, dresser with CDs, accessories, and other random things in the drawers, and shelf.

corkboard, not done yet though.

one of my favorite things in my room. i am re-watching all of the series, again.

desk, shelves, couch, and coffee table

the desk

and the shelves above it

couch area

coffe table

the candles, and you can see Friends Season 1! I just started re-watching it yesterday

a frame with photos of my sister when she was young and my brother a couple years back.

comments are appreciated, and hope you liked it :)

(Deleted comment)
Indeed! I'm a neat freak, but this girl makes me look like a slob, LOL!

For a teenagers bedroom this is absolutely gorgeous, it has more style than I have seen in most adults rooms!

I can tell when you get old enough to have your own place it will be beautifully designed.

aw thanks! :)

well, i do want to be an interior designer! i love decorating!

I love the dark floors in your room as well, and everything's so organized!

Wow, what a huge room!

And it's so beautiful and neat and clean! Gorgeous color on the wall and on the bedding. I'm not usually fond of dark floors, but with the size of the room and the white furniture, it doesn't make the room look dark at all.

I would love a room like this. Well done!

Thank you so much!

I was debating whether or not I should get the dark floors but in the end went for it :)

just beautiful! clean too... :)

so comfy looking! you show a lot of decorating restraint for being so young. no offense- just remembering that when i was fourteen i had an entire wall covered in magazine cutouts of rock stars and a mattress on the floor because my fourposter bed was "uncool."

love the green wall and the plant pictures over your couch. :)

thank you so much! I'm very interested in interior designing, so I had a blast re-decorating my room :)

Very nice!
I love the colours, white and that great green, look even better with the pops of the chocolate brown and black.
Nice room. ;)

I love how clean and organized your room is. Is that coffee table from IKEA?

thanks! and yes, it is :)

I love your color scheme. :)

Gorgeous room. I love how spacious it feels.

hay girl! i wish my room was as clean as this! i love that it's a blank canvas but you added pops of color. :] also, love that accent wall. fabulous!

I love the colors, so nature like!

Gorgeous! I love the green and white together.

this is one of the few rooms i've seen that doesn't look bare with white walls. i love the little pops of green. very nice!!


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