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The House that Funk Built
roxxierae wrote in saucydwellings
In July, I purchased my own tiny chunk of the Golden State.  With nothing but a rigorous commitment to my seemingly-insane aesthetic and tons of free labor from friends and family, the Saucy Dwelling in my mind became reality.  

The place was a dirty-looking off-white on the walls.  The fireplace was faux lava rock.  The floor was glossy tile the color of a bloodstain.  I painted, laid down laminate flooring, painted the fireplace (omg, what a project!), had the bathroom tiled, changed the light fixtures and put in new baseboards. 

The day i got the house, the living room looked like this:

The bathroom became one of the things I am most proud of.  The tile floor is the only thing I paid a contractor to do throughout the entire process.   This is a rather blurry photo of the room the day I got the keys: 

And a shot of it now: 

The cabinets are decoupaged with fabric from some Ikea panel curtains I put up in my dining room.  More on those later.  

The second bedroom and the master looked pretty much identical, except for size.  filthy carpet, etc. 

The second bedroom had a closet with floor to ceiling sliding doors.  I took those out in favor of panel curtains, and the shelving was the brainchild of my parents... That protrusion into the room was due to a coat closet in the dining room, which seemed like an odd place for a closet.  We punched through the wall and built boxes for either side... Creating a huge, deep shelving unit in the second bedroom that really increased storage, and a shallower one in the dining room.  The second bedroom after:

The shelving on the dining room side:

As for the dining room itself, I don't have a lot of before pictures.  The finished product viewed from the kitchen looks like this: 

And viewed from the living room looks like this: 

The fabric used for the panel curtains was mentioned earlier re: the front of my cabinets.  I also used it as a stencil to make a woodgrain table...

Into this: 

The master suite doesn't have anything really extraordinary done to it, mostly just paint and baseboards and flooring like the rest of the place.  In case you didn't notice, I love the combination of cool and warm colors! 

My bedroom has my first ever walk-in closet, which still excites me every time I see it.

It excited me so much, in fact, that I decided to find the silliest, girliest, sparkliest light fixture I could.  I toyed with a chandelier for a while, and ultimately settled on the following: 

Thank you so much for looking!! 

Very nice, it's lovely!
That chandelier/light in the last picture is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you!!

for the table, i just spray painted it black, affixed a chunk of the fabric to the top of the table with spray adhesive, and sprayed silver over the fabric, so it ended up being a stencil. Then i took that section of fabric that had been sprayed silver, and decoupaged it on the doors of my bathroom cabinets after trimming it to size.

I like everything a lot! It's amazing how much more awesome the living room looks compared to the before!! I love when people post before and afters :)

This is very cool. I love your style! What is on the curio shelf in the dining room? And what are those pictures on the headboard?

I am drooling over your bedroom. So different and amazing.

Thanks! The curio shelf is my shot glass collection... It's a case my dad built me for Christmas one year. The pictures on my headboard are pulp novel covers from the 30s-50s.

This is one of those places where it may not be my personal style, but I love it!

The stenciled table is amazing! I also love the bathroom sink and those shelves in the bedroom.

Wonderful makeover!

You have done a great dob with the house! Where is the light fixture from? It's perfect. Thanks in advance!

Thank you so much! I found the light fixture at Lowe's.

great transformafion! sauce all over the place :)

Wow!!! You did SUCH an awesome job! Love everything about it!

I'd love to see a close up of your headboard :)

(Deleted comment)
Love it, especially your kitchen.

Such great improvements! i love the flooring. built-in bookshelves rock. and i like the cool and warm color combos, it reminds me a bit of Indian themes (especially the peacock table and the bedspread), but all modern & stuff.

i really like that you didn't remove the stone from the fireplace and painted it white, too. the texture is a nice contrast to the modern furniture.


Painting the fireplace was my friend's idea... It was a hard-won battle, but totally worth it. Glad you enjoy it!

Did i see a peacock table there??!?! Can i see more??? :)

Also: this is truly remarkable. Well done!


My great-aunt Mary Ellen made that table about 50 years ago. It's been around my house since I was a baby. My folks went through a long time of just storing it, and it was the first thing I asked for when I moved out all those years ago. It's always been one of my favorite pieces of furniture, and I was really happy to be able to make it a focal point in my living room. Some closer shots:

Peacock Table I

Peacock Table II

The wood floors look fantastic!

You should be proud of your first place, it's absolutely amazing! Great work and ideas! :)


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