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Make with the Sauce!

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Not too hot on the sauce, but I've done some projects?
Wake Up
redfield79 wrote in saucydwellings
Hey! So, I'm not sure if anyone is interested in all of this but we moved into a 4 bedroom house a few weeks back and it was a shit hole. Sorry to be blunt but it just WAS. Holy moly! My uncle rented it out to 5 different people who NEVER paid the rent so he had to evict them. He didn't think it was THAT bad and told me he'd hire people to clean it. Well the people he hired were scum...like begging him to help them out because they were broke yadda yadda. And he just can't say no...and he can't, he's literally too nice.

Anyway...we moved in and I cried. But then I got into whip this place into shape mode and started hacking away. We didn't have to pay a security deposit so I decided I would purchase new carpet for a few of the rooms. There was a vanity that was tore up, so I found some wallpaper and make-shifted a whole new desk. I needed to use the one coat closet for a catbox, since we're sharing a house with my best friend and her two kids so we made a coat rack and got some shelves for SEVEN dollars. Home Depot had them all and they're discontinued so they were 7 bucks. Yep!

upstairs hallway

upstairs hallway


stairs again

upstairs bedroom, you can see a bit on the left where it was YELLOW from all the cigarette smoke. UGH...you can see the floor too.

upstairs bedroom floor close up

living room #1<---this was the worst. It was a carpet that had been there since 1994. Never cleaned...rarely vacuumed and then the dog started dying and throwing up everywhere...but the tenants never cleaned it up. Nope. When they lifted this carpet it up I nearly died...black underneath.

the level of dirt we had to deal with was unbelievable.

Upstairs hallway


living room--need to get rid of the ugly fake wood paneling. I can't stand this look personally.

Upstairs bedroom! Before putting all his toys in AND before the stars. WE asked him what he wanted "lightish darkish blue with a yellow star" LOL...so we did this and then we got a ton of the glow stars so it looks awesome.

upstairs bedroom

We used a few heavy duty cleaning solutions and a special smoke smell removing primer before doing the final paint in color.

So then I did some little things after that and I wish I had a before picture but I don't. The before was just a blank wall.


I LOOOVE this. AHH. I've always wanted something like this so my husband made me one. :) We bought the seven dollar cubbies unit and the buckets that go inside were 5 dollars each. I love it. :) Sorry, I said that already. I just need to paint the wood and it's done!

I love my living room in the background(will clean up and post pictures later). There are two living rooms in this house. Though I guess it should be one living and one family but we've made two family rooms. Nothing like a little paint and some carpet!

Then I did this last night, was a little frustrating but overall it worked out. If I was not a renter I would have torn this entire thing out. Since I am...I'm covering it in wallpaper. hahahahaha. <--evil laugh.

previous tenant...wtf...like he took a razor blade to the entire thing. The entire thing looked like this and it was dirty as hell. I scrubbed real well and then...


ahhh! I actually can TOUCH it now. I'm a bit OCD...but this was beyond the level I could handle. Now I love it!! <3

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Will probably be back here soon with suggestions for some of the other plain rooms in the house and definitely open to any suggestions from ya'll as well! :)

Wow! The changes are quite dramatic and definitely for the better.

Thank you! :) Sometimes I wonder if it was all worth it but everyday it gets a little bit better.

What a LOT of work! I am amazed at the energy that must have taken! You did good! So you covered the vanity with wallpaper?! If I understand that right, what a good idea!

Keep us posted please. I am thinking of buying an old fixer-upper, you are an inspiration!

P.S. I don't care for the look of most vinyl flooring but it feels so much nicer on the feet compared to tile. Ceramic tile is so cold and hard!

Edited at 2013-01-18 04:01 pm (UTC)

Yes, lots! :) I had a lot of help in my husband and my best friend. I did use wallpaper, haha! I found a roll of wallpaper hidden in the closet that my uncle had left behind and I just "meh" and did it. Haha. My uncle keeps talking like he wants us to buy it and will give us a deal/use our rent towards closing costs or whatever so eventually it'll have to get torn out but it's a great fix for now.

Thanks! I will! If you're willing to put in the work, fixer-uppers are SO much fun!

I hate hate hate the vinyl floors. I think for the most part, the biggest issue is that he's always got friends he's getting out of a pinch...and they have no money so they say "well I'll do this this and this for you instead." And so everything looks horrible. For instance, some guy came by the house a few days ago to "do yard work/cut down some trees" in the backyard because he owed my Uncle some money that he had borrowed. Oi! So a lot of the flooring/painting/work that had been done was done very poorly. I love doing these fix up myself though!

OMG the last part - the thing you covered in wallpaper was eyeopening!! It looks a hell of a lot like a marble top - if you hadn't said anything I would have thought it was marble!

You, lady are genius. Looks friggin' amazing.

Awe thank you!! IT DOES to me too! That's what I wanted...the marble without the marble! haha.

Aweeee thank you so much! :)

Wow, the before pics are scary! You put in a lot of work and it looks sooooo much better!

Legit, they are! Haha. Thank you! I'm glad that someone from the outside can say that to me because it's hard to forget what was there before. Yanno? Like it's finally starting to feel like a home now! :D

Your post is very inspiring. I never thought to use wallpaper on counters like that. Did you put any kind of sealant on top?

No I didn't. I'll make a post if this turns out to be a negative venture. I do worry maybe it'll start coming up but it was really sticky and thin paper so I'm hoping that won't be too much of an issue. Hopefully it won't but I'll let everyone know if it doesn't turn out well. :\

You absolutely rock!!!!
That vanity looks spectacular!!!
The cubbies and boxes below the coat rack is genius and is a calming entrance to your family/living room.
The carpeting - particularly on the stairs is marvelous!!! How did you finish it so well in all the corners and over all the fiddly-bits? Normally I'm a hard-wood & rugs kind-of-person, yet that carpet has really, REALLY upgraded so much!
GO YOU!!!!

Awee thank you for all that! :)

I hired some help to do the carpets! We didn't have a security deposit so I hired some people to lay it. :) Everything else we did ourselves.

Wow. Thank-you for ridding the world of that hideous flooring. It all looks MUCH better, way to go :)

Bahaha, definitely laughed out loud! :) Thank you! I'm loving it now!

You have done an amazing job! Great work. My living room had super ugly paneling on one wall. I just painted over it and made it an accent wall. I love it now!

Here's a before and after if you're interested.

69357_1660663757098_5138761_n photo 69357_1660663757098_5138761_n-1_zpsf5514c55.jpg

577860_4860529311737_1944249991_n photo 577860_4860529311737_1944249991_n-1_zps483171e3.jpg

That looks much better, for sure! You can definitely paint over paneling, but you have to be sure to prep it properly first, or the paint won't stick/will look like crap. Give it a good cleaning first, then either sand it, or use a bonding primer before painting.

You have done a wonderful job!

Thank you! :) I'm starting to loove it

My ex bought a fixer upper with wood panelling. One night he just couldn't stand it anymore and ripped it all down in a rage. Picture a tiny Woody Allen type man ripping apart a wall. It does something to people...

Hahaha, yeah it's just so...not a real cabin/wood so why is this heeeere. Haha. It's super old too. I hate the woody look indoors, and outdoors too to be honest.

I did laugh at the image you put in my head too hahaha

That amazing. What a difference!

Wow, it's so much better now that you've gotten your hands on it!

Thank you! :) I'm starting to love it all!

You did a really great job!

Great job! Go, you! :^)
The sauce will come, but you do have to have something to put sauce on before you can make things saucy!

I'm not OCD, and I'm not particularly germ-phobic, either, but I couldn't have lived with that vanity as it was, either: I'd have begged uncle to let us get rid of it, or to let us refinish it. One or the other, but I couldn't have handled "as is."
(And how disrespectful the former tenant was of his landlord's property! [<---Yeah, I am being a tad judgmental, there...])

It's looking really, really good, so I'm hoping you'll keep us updated on your saucy before-and-afters as projects progress!

Again, great job! :^)

OMG what a difference. So impressed, moving in somewhere like that would be super daunting but you're really turning it around! Please keep posting- it will be interesting to see what you do with the rest of the house :)