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Make with the Sauce!

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Making do with very little
le_soleil_noir wrote in saucydwellings
Aw, it is sad to see this com so empty these days.

I've got a room to share, though! A little kitchen nook.

title or description

a little more butter lemon yellow irl than in this picture

I finally!! moved into a house here in Portland that I feel like is MINE to do with what I want. I've been subletting for two years since moving here :/ I still live with roomies, but we are all equal partners in this...but at the same time, they are not big nesters, so the decor is up to me.

1. I'm BROKE. A lot of things belong to roomies or things I've found in free boxes.
2. I don't have a lot of things....so i'm relying on what I've got.
3. Mish-mash. Finding ways to mix everyone's different things together in a pleasing way.

The paint was found in a free box! Yay! Free paint...and not a horrible color. It doesn't really match the wood paneling or the table, but I think somehow, it works?

The shelf is a bit weird looking with the huge dollar tree brackets in white and the weirdly cut freebox piece of wood, but I plan on putting a bunch of hooks on the underside and using it as pan storage, hopefully covering the weird brackets.

The unfortunate window ...dowel. Haha. Someday I'll buy a REAL rod, but today or anytime soon is not that day.

I think it looks pretty nice despite the fact that it is a mish-mash of make do and free items.

Thanks for looking!

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It's sweet. You might want to use a belt or scarf or something to tie the window. That will sauce it up a bit.

It's nice, I like it!

What does that last canister on the shelf say?

It's lovely! I would love a little corner like this near a window where I could sit and have my tea/breakfast in the mornings!

love iiiiit!!

Yeah, it's sad that lj has become so barren, eeep.

i agree! I've been on LJ so long, it's weird to see it's so... desolate :(

(Deleted comment)
I feel like everyone's just got their twitter and their facebook for immediate thought-posting and instant gratification, and LJ is more of a "slow form" life documenting platform that is kind of... "out of style" now. :\

LJ is for people who are sitting at their desk, typing on a computer. Who does that anymore? Twitter and Facebook are for mobile devices. Maybe that's where everyone's gone?

I love everything!! (& I'm broke, too, haha). You did a fabulous job!

Edited at 2013-03-29 10:22 pm (UTC)

I miss LJ in general.

I think it's a really cute spot, looks cozy. I love the wall color! I'm on a nonexistent budget too & it's not always easy...I think you've worked well with it.

you could just paint the dowel with some white or black paint if you can find some. Heck some acrylic paint from your favorite big box store would work and put some pretty ends on it. I saw it on Pinterest the other day. Cute idea and cheap too. It's lovely.

Cozy!!! I want to eat breakfast in there and sit and stare out the window with my coffee while writing a story.

I *love* that curtain, where did you get it?!

from their 2010 line

I'm not finding it on the website, but they might still have them?

my current rod was too big in my upstairs closet... (its really a very tiny bedroom, but since my bedroom down stairs had no closet, i use it...) and i made one out of a old broom... i stained it and it looks awesome. :D

Nice! An old broom is a great idea. I need to get a thinner dowl as I only sewed the sleeve so big.

This one is just a rod from the other kitchen window...I think a rod from a retractable shade thing, but the shade was gone. It's just like ..set on top of some blinds brackets. Pretty un-sauce, but it is working for me right now.

oh and i wanted to ask, where did you get the canisters? i love them

They are vintage and belong to my roomie. Pretty sure he got them at an estate sale.

it has a lot of character and charm. especially for what you spent on it. nice work.

Your room looks great, although I may be biased - I have the same curtains in my living room!

I agree that it's sad how quiet the community's been; I was actually planning to post some pictures this week.

I really like your sense of design and style with what you had! The curtain rod is fine and looks so much better than a metal one. :)

It does look cozy! A $0.59 bottle of acrylic paint would do nicely on the dowel to make it look more like a rod. And that is an excellent red paint!

Love it! Pyrex and hanging baskets.

I'm not a big fan of red in the kitchen, but your nook might change my mind. And I like your curtains!

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