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1940s La Mesa, California House
anywhereanyone wrote in saucydwellings
It doesn’t look like this community is all that active anymore, but I thought I’d post our new place. If you’re a real old timer you may remember my Chicago loft post when my journal was “theamazingjosh.” Thanks for looking!

“welcome”Collapse )

POW! That will wake this community up! I love the bright bold colours and all the little details and the yellow ceiling in the kitchen.

Yeah I'm actually surprised anyone is still on here. Good eye to notice the ceiling paint in the kitchen.

Your space just makes me happy. It's so bright and colorful and cheerful. I especially like the little ceramic flowers on your table, the "relax" pillow, the owl planter, and your yellow couch.

Thanks! I know it's a little trendy, but we've been big into owls lately.

let's see the chicago loft post!

There is a link on the SD profile to it.

I love everything about this!

Oh. My. God.

It's so beautiful and organized and perfect.


Thank you! It's never organized enough, but I can usually find things. Well except for the junk in the garage.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! It's actually not a painting, but a photo I took in Joshua Tree printed on a canvas:

one should never be where one does not belong

(Deleted comment)
How very, very beautiful!

Wow, I can't imagine living in such a beautiful space.

And I like the idea of the different colored chairs around the table! What a simple and yet rarely used idea!

Can I ask where you got the dining chairs? Are they comfortable? We are looking for some and those look so neat!!

The whole space is so colorful and happy. :)

The dining room chairs are from Target online and come in packs of two. I'd say they are moderately comfortable. They are all wood so no padding.

Amazing! I love all the color and little details. I'm in SD, can you do my house? ;)

WOW!!! I love it. Great colors and everything.

Love it! My mom lives in a 1940s house in La Mesa, too!

No way! Well I guess I should say small world because there are a lot of 1940s La Mesa houses.


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