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Make with the Sauce!

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Reading Nook
bogwitch64 wrote in saucydwellings
What a great community! I didn't know it existed until a friend told me I should post up my renovated office in here. Fun! So, here it is--

And after


Fun! I look forward to more saucydwellings!

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Cute!!! What's the kitchen picture?

The kitchen pic is from last March, actually. I wish I had before and after there, too, because changing the counters made it look like a brand new kitchen. Crazy.

We've been in this house ten years. As the kids move out, we're sprucing things up a bit. I'll have lots of pics in the near future. :)

Oh, I love that window, and the chair too! I'd park myself there and not move all day long.

More (and bigger) pics please!

:) I love it too. I'm really happy with how it turned out. There's another piece of that room that isn't quite finished yet. It's where I write, and the wall by my desk is way too huge and blank to post pics of yet. :)

Thank you!
(Oh, and I opted for smaller pics just in case bigger ones would make me obnoxious.)

Edited at 2013-12-12 04:46 pm (UTC)

I think as long as they don't take up the entire page (or at least are behind a cut) it's okay.

Loving the reading nook.

What a great place for photos of your Lovely book nook! I love saucy dwellings :-)

You're in here too!? Hi!!!

Hot diggity! That looks fantastic!

Thanks! I'm diggin' it muchly.

What a lovely nook to be reading in. Love the space in your kitchen as well!

Thank you! I'm sitting in it right now, writing. :)

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