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Buccaneer Bathroom
Palm Springs
tikimama wrote in saucydwellings
We (that is, my man melintur and I) redecorated our bathroom. I had some before pics, but they have mysteriously disappeared. It was basically boring, with terrible flesh pink walls and a half-hearted safari theme.

With a new paintjob, some molding and a boat load of pirate related props, and we have Swiss Pirate Robinson Bathroom! I didn't keep track exactly, but with "oops" paint and lots of stuff we already had (and the world's cheapest hand towel rack) I suspect we spent around $200. We used a lot of copper spray paint, exploited the artistic talents of friends and made up our own pirate artifacts.

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I love it! Nice job.
Is that banner above the door going to have some writing?

Re: Shimmer me timbers!

Yes, but we're not sure what. Any ideas? So far, "Dead Men Tell No Tales" is the favorite.

(Deleted comment)
wow that is really amazing! wow wow wow!

SAUCY! Is your bedroom as creative?

Not yet, it is my last room to be decorated! I'm thinking a sort of Japanese super modern pop candy colored theme. Lots of pink & aqua and plastic.

haha! Fantastic.
I really wanted to paint our kitchen ceiling a similar color/ Tiffany box/patina? But wasn't sure it would look good. Now I know it looks fantastic!

Was it more textured before you painted it? I often wondered about sanding ours, or just getting tin ceiling tiles if it is too much work.

My SIL did her guest room in Tiffany box blue (she took a box to the store and had them match it). It looks amazing--especially with a lot of white & black accents. Go for it!

Holy crap, that's cool! I can't wait to show my 5 year old! He'll flip!

Excellent job!

I'm not usually a big fan of pirate themes... but that's f*cking fabulous.

Very nice! I don't normallly like theme bathrooms and pirates aren't really my thing...but this is lovely! Very well thought out and nicely decorated! Classy!

i love it, but the banner shoud read "POOP DECK" ;P

this bathroom is awesome!!
you did a wonderful job.

holy shit your jon fuckin' rocks!

Wow your bathroom is the coolest. What a great place to relax in. I love the painted ceiling and that color ohh you have to share, what color is it?

The ceiling is....I forget! I will look when I get home. You can't see from the pic, but we added the gold glitter paint stuff to it, so it sparkles like the warm Caribbean Sea...

That is the most delectable thing ever! Wow, I really love it... I want it! I wish I had such a creative eye.

That is the coolest bathroom ever and I am not into pirates. Great style and usage of colors. Kudos!

Best bathroom ever!

awe. some.

i love the whimsy of the skull and crossbones on the door.

That is so amazing! You did a really, really great job! I'd never come up with something as creative as that. ;O

Great work ! I've never seen a bathroom decorated like this and I like it a lot :)

arrrr that be amazing!

i have a friend who IS a pirate (he and his cat won a contest on a cruise ship for "best pirates" whose whole house has turned into a pirate theme, with pistols and treasure and (of course) rum all over.

i'm voting for "poop deck" for the banner too.

Re: arrrr that be amazing!

WIFE not cat, he hates cats. ye gods it's far too early for me to be functioning...

The ceiling! Amazing color work. Thanks for sharing this.

Wow! I love the color, and the cabinet thingy, and the mouldings, and the accessories. Okay, you just did an overall fantastic job!


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