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Make with the Sauce!

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interior design

Welcome to the home of the sauciest dwellings on LiveJournal! Before posting, please take the time to read the entire info page to avoid your post being subject to rejection by the mods.

• When you post in this community, include pictures of your saucy dwelling, or rooms within it. Please stick to an entire room or group of rooms when you show your pictures, and avoid posts which show off only a knick-knack or a collection of plates.

• Please post one picture of max 600x600 pixels and use an lj-cut for all your other saucy images. Don't overdo it, less is more. Embed decent size pictures, don't post just thumbnails. If you want to show before-and-after shots of your saucy dwelling, please pick a nice representative 'after' picture outside the lj-cut, it will make our pages so much more attractive.

• Do not use Photobucket as free host for your images: they'll be dead within hours in a high-traffic community like ours. PM or mail the mods in advance when using a Photobucket paid account. LJ Scrapbook (paid users) and Flickr have proven to be a lot more reliable and lasting. But there are many other good free hosts.

• Before-and-after pictures are greatly encouraged, as are good descriptions of how you got your ideas or carried out your evil saucifying plan. In-progress pictures do not belong here – look for our sister community below for a good place to post those.

• If you (should) feel the need to apologize for the boxes in the corner, all the dog hair on the carpet, or the blurriness of the picture, maybe you’d better rethink posting it. We like to see your saucy dwelling in all of its finery, not when it's just woken up with a hangover.

• Style means being bold! Be brash! Be unapologetic! Oh, go ahead! Be totally, ridiculously unethical! Forget the Joneses! Make them wish their grass was as lime green as your sofa from the 70's! Be proud! And show it.

• Some very useful photo tips on how to show off your sauce can be found here. Natural light will add so much to the image, it's the most important element to a good photo. Never use flash!! Don't show us your sauce like a deer in the headlights. Posts with flash shots are subject to rejection by the mods.

• You're not going to find a clear-cut definition of what sauce is here. But most people who have the sauce already get it. If you have any hesitation or reservation about posting what you "think" might not be saucy, or even relevant to the community - then you should probably follow your gut and post it somewhere else.

For a few examples, click on the images below and have a look at the winners of our most recent polls:

• Please realize that posting your saucy dwelling here is also a request for feedback from this community. People will tell you what they love about it, what they think the sauciest parts, but might also articulate why they don't like it as much as you do. Constructive criticism is encouraged, ad hominem attacks will give anyone an instant ban without warning.

• Never delete, disable or freeze comments.

• We do not doubt you're very cute, so there's no need to show us your pretty face in the images. We'd prefer to watch your saucy interior shots free of people.

• On Fridays, look for a "Saucy Salon" post started by the mods - you can post there showing pictures of the particular sauce asked for that week. On Tuesdays there's an Open Thread entry where you can post pictures of your saucy finds, your inspirations, or any questions and requests regarding the saucification of your room or home.

• Spam, of course, is unsaucy.

• Be sure to add any tags, as applicable, so that other members can search for your dwelling for inspiration in the future. Add a clear representative picture outside the cut.

• Don't break our uniform page style with font, size or color tags. We like to see the sauce in your pictures, not in your html skills.

• Please come to the moderators with any concerns you may have! Things get fixed much more quickly and easily if you talk to a mod than if you post a rant. Your mods are lepapillonvert and silly_narziss, and you can email us at sdshmods @ gmail.com. Please refrain from contacting us through our personal journals with questions about the community.

• If you have a picture of your in-progress saucification as well as any questions about saucifying your dwelling, including (but not limited to) where to buy a couch, what paint colors complement each other, how to apply a faux finish to walls, or any other requests for advice, please use saucyhelp! SaucyHelp is our sister community designed to keep SaucyDwellings clutter-free as well as to dole out a bit of sauce when you need it. SaucyHelp is populated by SaucyDwellings members who know what they’re doing when it comes to sauce, so if you need help (or if you like to see more in-progress pictures or give some advice of your own), please join saucyhelp!

Be sure to visit:
saucyhelp for all saucy advice
saucygardens for hints and ideas on what's outside your saucy dwelling.
domestic_bliss for little pieces of life and moments in your home.
apartmentgarden for the green life around your apartment.
creative_spaces for artists and craftspeople showing where the magic happens.
awesome_places for homes and buildings that stretch the imagination.
thriftwhore for old stuff finding its second life.


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